DELTA CHECK’s new global geo-database comes with 10+ Million POI’s and much more. London/Cairo (dc). „The World. Geo-coded“, that’s how DELTA CHECK, renowned specialist for global hotel data, advertises its new geo database „GEO GLOBAL“. No less than 10+ Million „POIs“ (Points of Interest), covering all 254 countries and territories, form this global tool. Geo-coded,  [...]

Berlin/Cairo (dc). Customer Alliance, international provider of cloud-based software solutions for hotels, stacks global customer acquisition on hotel data from DELTA CHECK. After detailed tests and an international evaluation process “Customer Alliance” has decided on hotel data by DELTA CHECK. „DELTA CHECK has been the only data provider meeting all our requirements“, Torsten Sabel, COO  [...]

Paris/Cairo (dc). 1&1, one of Germany’s leading DSL- and mobile telecom providers, expands into new markets in European countries. For the hotel target market an agreement with data provider DELTA CHECK has been signed already. Acquisition of new customers in the target market France has started already. An initial tranche, containing 40,000 french addresses, has  [...]

Private sector neck and neck with hotel industry Cairo (dc/bd). DELTA CHECK, world’s leading provider of hotel data, has published a hospitality study displaying the strong and unexpected growth of non-hotel accommodation properties. Not really expected The global hotel industry had not really expected it – at least not so fast. Non-hotel accommodation now lies  [...]

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