The World, geo-coded.


he World, geo-coded. DELTA CHECK’s „GEO GLOBAL“ contains the data of more than 10 million geo-coded POIs (Points of Interest) worldwide.

DC-TriangleCovering all 254 countries, territories & dependencies worldwide.
DC-TriangleContaining on top extraterritorial regions.
DC-TriangleFully geo-coded.


As an additional value records contain:

DC-TriangleExact Elevation.
DC-TriangleGlobally standardized typecast of all POIs.
DC-TriangleReliable statoids.
Administrative divisions of countries,
in the U.S. for example “states”.
DC-TriangleAlternate place names in many different languages and scripts.
DC-Triangle100% UNICODE compatible (UTF-8).



Our “GEO GLOBAL” will soon be used as a daily tool by tourism companies worldwide. Just as we have seen it happen with the “GARD”, our “Global Accommodation Reference Database“.

“GEO GLOBAL” is the perfect tool to enrich touristic databases. And it gets absolutely essential when it comes to maps and distance calculation.

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Below are some examples of various international cities:

International spelling Local spelling Latitude Longitude
Moscow Москва 55.7522222 37.6155556
Cairo قاهرة 30.05 31.25
Beijing 北京市 39.9074977 116.3972282

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