Data Quality


erfect data quality neither comes without good reason, nor is it for free. Experience shows that data management and maintenance are much more time-consuming than the initial data recording. Therefore DELTA CHECK has established a global network of authors and editors, trained by German data specialists and monitored by German supervisors. Only their daily teamwork ensures data quality on utmost levels, deserving the grade “Made in Germany”.

Data quality is not only a single factor, but a number of features. One of them is market coverage: Having just 50 hotel addresses while the true number within your market is 100 lets you miss 50% of your customers. Accuracy is another quality and success factor. And more than decisive is the presence of additional information. Your target group can’t be found in yellow pages, as they only provide address, phone and fax. It needs more relevant information to identify your potential customers, like number of rooms, stars, restaurant information, details about meeting and wellness facilities, etc.

Our expertise:

  • Reducing your operational costs
  • Cleaning up your data, remove duplicate records
  • Standardizing, normalizing or verifying your information (standardization of Postal addresses, telephone numbers, etc.)
  • enhancement of your data with external features and attributes.
  • Improving the effectiveness of your direct marketing actions

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