GEO GLOBAL – The World, geo-coded

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DELTA CHECK’s new global geo-database comes with 10+ Million POI’s and much more.

London/Cairo (dc). „The World. Geo-coded“, that’s how DELTA CHECK, renowned specialist for global hotel data, advertises its new geo database „GEO GLOBAL“. No less than 10+ Million „POIs“ (Points of Interest), covering all 254 countries and territories, form this global tool. Geo-coded, all of them, of course.

DELTA CHECK has made its mark mainly as a data provider for global hotel data: Their „GARDGlobal Accommodation Reference Database“ is comprehensively composed of the detailed data of more than 2.3 Million hotels, making it the biggest hotel database worldwide..


Now, founder Johannes K. Svoboda gives good reasons for the development of the company’s „GEO GLOBAL“: „Hotel data are intimately connected with tourism. Right there „Points of Interest“ play a vital role. At the same time tourism is international. So our „GEO-GLOBAL“ is just a logical enhancement and further development of our hotel data towards global tourism.“

Besides all the reliable geo coordinates, DELTA CHECK ‘s „GEO GLOBAL“ provides an opulence of added value. It includes for example: the elevation, a worldwide standardized typification of all POI’s, exact statoids (=administrative divisions of countries) as well as alternate place names in numerous languages and notations.

„We have already started the development of our hotel database at times when the PC still has been unknown,“ Svoboda resumed, „giving us of course a nice lead in experience and competence. The users of our „GEO GLOBAL“ will quickly understand these advantages and learn to monetarize them successfully.“

Several launching customers who have already signed licenses for the „GEO GLOBAL“, make the DELTA CHECK GM optimistic: „Our GEO GLOBAL will very soon be a daily used standard tool for companies, working in tourism – just as it happened with the „GARD“, our global reference hotel database.“