ince now three decades DELTA CHECK stands for best possible hotel data. Customers like for example, Microsoft, American Express, Reed Business Information, the Swiss Post, AddressDoctor, Douwe Egberts, totaljobs Group and many more all around the world trust our data and use them to maximize their profits. And indeed, focusing on data gets increasingly decisive for economic success.

In a time, when products and services are getting more and more comparable, it’s finally data, separating losers from the winners. Easy to understand, why an ever increasing number of customers starts using our data to boost their success.

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Born in 1955, Johannes K. Svoboda works since nearly three decades within the address- and data-branch. From the very beginning his focus was on hotel data, being part of world’s biggest industry. The outstanding performance of his “Global Accommodation Reference Database” was so overwhelming that he could keep competitors on the long arm for meanwhile nearly three decades.


Johannes K. Svoboda

General Manager

Company's History


German entrepreneur Johannes K. Svoboda decided to develop an own hotel database. It was a decision born of pure desperation as the data was needed for his trading company “bettenland”, selling bedding to hotels. But what was offered as “hotel data” back then was in no way satisfying: Return quotes of up to 30% were quickly burning down even the broadest mailing and marketing budgets.


An initial flat-file database structure had been developed. The first part of the project to acquire, collect and record the data of German hotels is being prepared.

All German communities, more than 11,000+ to be exact, have been contacted and asked for their local accommodation directory. Response turns out as complete success: Day by day the German Post delivers a quarter ton of incoming mail. More than 25 specially trained data editors start their work by screening and sorting the content of thousands of envelopes.

12. November 1988

After two years of extensive planning and preparation the very first record is in the database. It was recorded by data editor Gerlinde Teufel (“GT”) near midnight, which still today can be read off the date- & time-stamp, automatically inserted back then.

DELTA CHECK first database stracture

This very first record kicked off an absolutely crazy project, never been risked or even approached any time before: A data collection of all commercial accommodation properties worldwide in one single database.

To get the picture: We were still standing in the eighties last century, just a few years after the first PC was introduced. The biggest hotel databases those days were run by the global GDS systems, with the biggest one of them not exceeding 55,000 hotel data records. At the end more than a quarter century of scientific research, global teamwork and a seven-digit invest have been needed to finalize the project successfully. Being a NFR project (not for resale), nothing but the best solutions have been chosen with budgets ignored constantly. Often enough pioneering work had to be completed as real progress mostly happens offside beaten paths.

One year later the database could show its power for the first time during a mailing campaign – and it did. Exceeding all expectations the database emerged as the key to success for “bettenland”:
In just seven years the trading company grows from zero into the top flight of German´s bedding suppliers, operating an own truck fleet for nationwide deliveries.

The project has gained momentum: After having completed Germany entirely with over 130,000 properties, Europe is the new goal. Also in sales & marketing there was no holding back anymore: Hotels from St. Petersburg in the east to Canary Islands Resorts in the west are among bettenland’s ever growing customer list – without any sales person ever stepping out of the door. Instead: Print mailings in vast quantities. Runs up to 280,000 in a single campaign bring new customers day by day, tens of thousands within short time.


Only the world is enough!
When finished after three years of development and improvement, the new database concept is years ahead: More than 300 details could be recorded for every single hotel while manifold look-up functions backed up correctness, plausibility and reliability of the data already when being entered. More than 40 trained data editors entered the all-new obtained hotel data of all European countries. The aged and obsolete flat file database had been sold to an internet start-up as an affordable low-budget starter product, while the data editors headed for the data of the other continents.

It is done!
For the first time in history a complete worldwide hotel database had been realized. More than 1,000 man years of work have been needed to create this incredible resource, containing now more than 1 million hotels. As this number was neither known nor even predicted by experts, surprise was obvious all around. It was more than funny to see how some of these experts denied the facts and instead adhered to their former (wrong) guesses. Meanwhile the normative force of the factual has prevailed and silenced even the most persistent deniers. But it was not alone the sheer number of hotels that were outstanding. Also the worldwide standardized segmentation into 45 expedient market segments earned many compliments. For the first time ever the global hotel market could be selected very detailed, leading to big savings for mailing campaigns.

Compliments since are correspondingly great:
Jesus Bravo of customer Reed Business became enthusiastic: „It is fascinating to see the universe of data you have!“
Sven Schreiber, founder and former GM of German company “addressdoctor” judged: “This is one of the three best databases, I have ever seen. And I don´t mean just ‘hotel’ databases!”

More than a quarter century after the project had started, the long-desired goal has been reached. All hotels in all 254 countries and territories are recorded (yes, even the “Union Glacier Camp” in Antarctica, southernmost hotel worldwide). And they all have been indexed: DELTA CHECK’s “Global Property Identifier” for the first time ever identifies and keeps track of every single of them. World’s first entire and complete hotel database is well established on the market: Hotel suppliers use it, as well as internet companies and OTAs. DELTA CHECK´s “Global Accommodation Reference Database” indeed is more than welcomed and has long fulfilled its primary promise:
Not only world´s leading universities like for example Cambridge and Cornell evaluate “GARD” as the global reference for hotel data. The industry does as well.