Selection Criteria


he better you know your customer, the more valuable he will be for you. The reason is very simple: it will be easy for you to identify which service of yours can be a perfect match to your customer’s needs. You will also know when the right time comes to introduce cross-selling and upselling. The „GARD – Global Accommodation Reference Database“ allows deep selections by up to 600 single criteria – a unique and perquisite advantage for our customers. While perfectly identifying and covering the exact target group within the hotel industry, leakage and wastage are avoided reliably.

All selection criteria of course are also available for delivery.

Three selection groups of features are provided, well-defined by the complexity of research:

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3 Selection Groups


Database Selection Criteria Basic

Includes all components of the postal (mailing) address, prepared for premium addressing:

  • Company Name1: Luxury Inn & Adventure Spa
  • Company Name2: Pearson’s Pond
  • House number and Street: 4541, Sawa Circle
  • City: Juneau AK
  • Postal code: 99801-8723
  • Country: United States of America
Upgraded details and features. The inexpensive key to advanced and successful selections as well as multi-level marketing campaigns, for example: Step 1: Print mailing / Step 2: Follow up by phone:

  • Telephone number
  • Telefax number
  • Star Rating
  • Number of rooms
  • Number of beds
  • Contact person, senior decision maker
  • Gastronomy, Yes / No
  • Wellness or SPA, Yes / No
  • MICE (Meetings, Incentives, Conferences, and Events), Yes / No
  • Membership in chains, co-operations and brands, Yes / No

More on request.


Database Selection Criteria Advanced


Database Selection Criteria Professional

Within the PROFESSIONAL section the most sophisticated data can be found, for example:

  • GPI – Global Property Identifier
    (The leading identification system of the global hotel industry, keeping track of 2,315,000+ properties and providing explicit identification of each and every property worldwide.)
  • Personal contact data of 1st level decision makers
    (Phone extension, personal email address, etc.)
  • Details of gastronomy
    (No. of restaurant(s), bars, indoor/outdoor, no. of covers, etc.)
  • Details of meeting and conferencing
    (No. of rooms, room sizes, facilities, infrastructure, etc.)
  • Details of banqueting
    (No. of rooms, room sizes, ballrooms, facilities, etc.)
  • Details of SPA
    (Size, No. of treatment rooms, facilities, etc.)
  • GEO coordinates of the property
    (for localization in maps, automated calculations of distances, etc.)
  • GDS and hotel booking sites in use
    (e.g. HRS,,, Amadeus, Sabre, Galileo, Worldspan, Pegasus etc.)
    as well as the external ID of the property in the particular system
  • Media-Data
    (Pictures, logos, maps, etc.)

And many more on request.

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