Where do the data originate from?

Where do the data originate from?
All DELTA CHECK data are based on publicly available information as provided by the properties or their cooperation partners in brochures, and listings, as well as the internet and of course the homepages of the properties.
International and/or global data management requires advanced know-how and can cost-efficiently only be managed by using cutting-edge technology.
In the highest quality level “homepage approved” data is taken or confirmed directly from the hotel’s homepage: More than 50 native speaking data editors on location all over the world together with state-of-the-art hard- and software make sure that our customers do receive data on utmost quality levels at the least possible cost.

Where can I find a database of hotel property locations?

Where can I find a database of hotel property locations?
In principle you can find the data yourself, using Google.
But then you would have to accept much higher cost, caused by research, recording, postal address correction, deduping and continuous updating.
DELTA CHECK is specialized in global data management since three decades. Latest technology together with profound experience enables DELTA CHECK to deliver data for lowest prices. Much cheaper -and by the way quicker- than our customers themselves ever could.

How can I increase sales by using hotel data?

How can I increase sales by using hotel data?
Many companies are counting accommodation properties amongst their customers and campaigning for them.
Corporate growth is not realized by passively waiting for customers, but approaching the markets proactively. Differentiated marketing and proactive sales always means to activate customers in a direct approach.
Since decades we can regularly witness our customers to remarkably boosting their sales and successfully increase their market shares, once they ventured this direct approach of potential customers. It happens even then, when their products differed only marginally from those of their competitors.
Our profound experience and a network of strong partners will help to maximize your success by sales and marketing activities that really work.

What exactly means „good quality“ when it’s about hotel data?

What exactly means „good quality“ when it’s about hotel data?
Actually it’s not only a single factor, but a number of features that separate quality data from worthless addresses.
One of them is market coverage: Having just 50 hotel addresses while the true number within your target group is 100 lets you miss 50% of your market.
Accuracy is another quality- and success-building factor: Once 10 out of 50 phone numbers are outdated, 20% of the hotels are out of your reach. It quickly gets worse once your controlling finds one third or more addresses refer to properties that don’t even exist anymore, which unfortunately is not the exception to the rule.
More than decisive for data quality and your success: The presence of additional information. Your target group can’t be found in the yellow pages, as they only provide address, phone and fax. It needs many more relevant information to identify your potential customers, like number of rooms, star rating, restaurant information, details about meeting and wellness facilities, etc.
If your address provider doesn’t have all this data available, your campaign will simply not reach the target and mostly produce remarkable losses: It doesn’t make any sense to offer cleaning products for swimming pools to hotels that don’t even have a pool! Only when all these detailed information has been added to the address data, your campaign will meet the needs of the market, attract new customers and increase your sales.

How to avoid conflicts with copyright laws: What is allowed and what not?

How to avoid conflicts with copyright laws: What is allowed and what not?
The issue has two aspects.
Firstly you have signed a rental contract with DELTA CHECK that defines in detail how and how often you may use the data. Forwarding the data to a third party or publishing them is prohibited in either case. Any violation of license rights will be punished by a contract penalty.
Secondly you are bound to the laws in your country. What is allowed in one specific country may be forbidden in another one. In case you are planning an international campaign, additionally the laws of those countries your campaign targets are worth a look.
In general the strict laws, regulating the acquisition of customers are valid commonly only for b2c (business to consumer) contacts.
Customer acquisition and direct marketing in the b2b (business-to-business) sector does not underlie those strict regulations and offers numerous legal methods to use address data for direct marketing and customer acquisition.
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