Global Statoids Database


he United States consist of 50 states and a federal district. These 51 entities are called “statoids”. To be exact, they are the 1st level statoids as they are furthermore divided into smaller entities like for example counties and cities. Our Global Statoids Database contains worldwide all 1st and 2nd level statoids for all 254 countries and territories, 40,000+ in total.

Below are some examples of various countries:

Country Statoid, Level 1 Statoid, Level 2
Austria Tirol  Innsbruck
France Loire Saint-Étienne
Great Britain Greater London
Italy Bolzano Merano
Spain Canary Islands Las Palmas de Gran Canaria
United States of America New York Bronx

Statoids are essential for touristic projects and databases. They get indispensable when it comes to the so called “breadcrumb navigation” on touristic websites.

Screenshot example by Tripadvisor:


Availability of correct statoids in general is very helpful when deduping data.

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