Customer Alliance: Securing international growth with DELTA CHECK

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Berlin/Cairo (dc). Customer Alliance, international provider of cloud-based software solutions for hotels, stacks global customer acquisition on hotel data from DELTA CHECK.

Customer Alliance

After detailed tests and an international evaluation process “Customer Alliance” has decided on hotel data by DELTA CHECK.

„DELTA CHECK has been the only data provider meeting all our requirements“, Torsten Sabel, COO of Customer Alliance, undergird the decision.

„Following intensive tests, we identified DELTA CHECK as being the only data provider covering the complete hotel market“, Sabel explained, „DELTA CHECK hotel data even exceeds the numbers of the biggest national hotel databases offered in every single country. We have been very surprised by these findings!“

Customer Alliance was founded 2009 and meanwhile counts 3,000 hotels in more than 35 countries as its customers.

No any surprise, Torsten Sabel sees the company on the road to success: „With over 70,000 hotel addresses already delivered we could immediately jump in boots!“