Hotel database Iran

Hotel database Iran

ISO 3166-1 alpha-3:IRN


Hotel database Iran:1,415


Star rated hotels:1,245


5 Star hotels worldwide31


4 Star hotels worldwide79


3 Star hotels worldwide176


2 Star hotels worldwide343


1 Star hotels worldwide616

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Basic Information

Capital: Tehran
Country name in locally: Iran
UN geoscheme: Asia » Southern Asia
ISO 3166-1 ALPHA-2: IR
International phone code: +98

Statistical information

Population: 70.495.782
GDP: $753.000.000.000
GDP per Capita: $10.600
World Rank GDP per Capita: 96

The 10 largest cities (population)

Tehran (8 250 882)
Mashhad (2 490 931)
Esfahan (1 669 830)
Karaj (1 515 368)
Tabriz (1 422 975)
Shiraz (1 247 033)
Ahvaz (1 019 763)
Qom (1 014 583)
Kermanshah (807 839)
Orumiyeh (620 091)

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